About Us & Fairy Lamps

Fairy lamps or Night lights as they are more popularly known, were marketed in Victorian England by Samuel Clarke, a candle manufacturer, it was his way of selling more candles. Fairy lamps were made from about 1880 and came in three sizes Wee, Pyramid & Fairy.

Fairy lamps also came on elaborate stands, pottery bases, wall plaques, chandeliers or epergnes, often with nosegay type flower holders. Samuel Clarke had them manufactured by other great names of the day, Royal Worcester, Doulton, Taylor Tunnicliffe, Thomas Webb & Sons and Stevens & Williams.

In the late 1890’s Clarke patented the “Cricklite” style of candle lamp with clear glass domes (Silk shades costed extra) to go with the ever changing Victorian tastes and to compete with the more modern types of lighting of gas & electricity. Cricklites were expensive but could be seen and used in dinner settings, they provided ample lighting to enhance a formal or festive occasion. Then in 1910 The Clarke Candle Company was sold to The Price Candle Company. They are beautiful and unique pieces of art and are the essence of all things Victorian. 

We have been collecting fairy lamps since 1997. This collecting has now become an obsession and we have been very fortunate to see several wonderful collections around the world. We are still astounded at the range and diversity of the fairy lamps that can still to be found.

This collection is dedicated to our good friends Bob & Pat Ruf, without their enthusiasm and help, this collection would never have existed.

Thank you for taking the time to look, Graham & Helen

Links to books written and jointly published with Brian Ruf :-
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